The Sacred Liturgy

The Sacred Liturgy is at the heart of Catholic life.  The liturgy is where we encounter God’s mercy and His forgiveness, but it is also the moment in which we are restored and strengthened by His Grace.   The Community-in-Formation views the Liturgy as a major part of its apostolate.  Through the liturgy, we are able to preserve the traditions of the Church and to sanctify God’s people.  In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we enter the heavenly sanctuary and Christ’s sacrifice of the cross is made present. As a community, we approach the Liturgy as the source from which we seek to grow in Charity in accordance with our Holy Father, St. Philip Neri.

Our Community is proficient in, and devoted to, both forms of the Roman rite.  Daily, the Traditional Latin Mass is offered along with the Novus Ordo Missae.  On Sundays, Solemn Mass is offered in the Modern Roman Rite with Gregorian chant and all appropriate solemnity.  On major feast days as well as First Fridays, the Solemn Traditional Latin Mass is offered, again with the sacred music of the Church and due solemnity.  By being devoted to and trained in the traditional rites of the Church, we are able to inform the new.  The Latin language and Gregorian chant hold a special place with our Community and we eagerly seek to bring these treasures of our Church to the people whom we serve.  From our prayers at evening oratory to Solemn Sung Vespers on Sunday Evenings (’62 Liber Usualis), our community is dedicated to preserving tradition and fostering lives of holiness, devotion, and charity.

As the seminarians of our community begin to be ordained to the Priesthood, another major part of our work and the liturgy will be found in the Sacrament of Penance.  We truly seek to foster the mercy of God and His loving compassion.  Because of this, we seek to make ourselves readily available for confessions.  While there is a set schedule for confessions in the Church, our goal is to have a Priest always on call for confessions at anytime of the day.  The conscience of our modern world has become numb to sin and we seek to awaken the faithful to God’s grace by making this sacrament readily available and by teaching and preaching upon it. Join us as we set out to teach and to sanctify the people of God through His most precious gift, the Sacred Liturgy.