Father’s Column – August 18, 2019

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ! 

Please find the registration forms for our Catechism Classes in the back of Church today. Please get them back to us as soon as you can. Be sure to read the accompanying letter, so that you have all the information you need. Thank you for your help with this, it will help save us time later in the year.

As summer quickly comes to an end, be sure to keep the importance of your faith in your life as things get busy again. Be sure that you pray daily, that you build in times for our adoration, special Mass, events, and Catechism lectures, that you make time for confession, and that you work to always keep the Lord’s presence before you. Things always get busy, but that is never an excuse to avoid Christ or our faith. We are also always looking for volunteers to do things around Church, whether it is polishing, cleaning, maintenance work, laundering linens. If you have time for this, please drop us a message in the parish office.

Please find part three of Cardinal Newman’s address on liberalism in religion. There will be two more parts in the series. I present these to you as we lead up to Cardinal Newman’s canonization in a few weeks. Have a blessed week ahead!

“Hitherto the civil Power has been Christian. Even in countries separated from the Church, as in my own, the dictum was in force, when I was young, that: “Christianity was the law of the land”. Now, everywhere that goodly framework of society, which is the creation of Christianity, is throwing off Christianity. The dictum to which I have referred, with a hundred others which followed upon it, is gone, or is going everywhere; and, by the end of the century, unless the Almighty interferes, it will be forgotten. 

Hitherto, it has been considered that religion alone, with its supernatural sanctions, was strong enough to secure submission of the masses of our population to law and order; now the Philosophers and Politicians are bent on satisfying this problem without the aid of Christianity. Instead of the Church’s authority and teaching, they would substitute first of all a universal and a thoroughly secular education, calculated to bring home to every individual that to be orderly, industrious, and sober, is his personal interest. Then, for great working principles to take the place of religion, for the use of the masses thus carefully educated, it provides—the broad fundamental ethical truths, of justice, benevolence, veracity, and the like; proved experience; and those natural laws which exist and act spontaneously in society, and in social matters, whether physical or psychological; for instance, in government, trade, finance, sanitary experiments, and the intercourse of nations. As to Religion, it is a private luxury, which a man may have if he will; but which of course he must pay for, and which he must not obtrude upon others, or indulge in to their annoyance.” – Bl. John Henry Newman