Father’s Column March 2023

Posted on February 25, 2023 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

Each day of the week and each month, the Church has dedicated to some person or mystery of our faith. For example, the month of March is dedicated to the person of St. Joseph. Several weeks ago, and beginning of the First Sunday of Lent, we began a novena to St. Joseph. We did this for the intentions of the Oratory. So please

be sure to join us in this prayer following each Mass. Some of the intentions include the stability of the Oratory, for vocations to the Oratory, the stability of the parishes, and priestly perseverance. St. Joseph is a powerful saint to pray to but is one who said so little in the Gospels.

However, his example in the Gospel is one of great strength and certainly a protective force for the Blessed Virgin and Christ. He was a source of stability for the Holy Family, especially in providing and caring for them. He is a Saint we all ought to aspire to. One who said so little and thought so little of himself. Yet had such an important and illustrious task given to him by God. He was tasked with protecting God’s most loved and perfect creature, the Blessed Virgin, and God’s very son. By the world’s standards, he was just a simple carpenter and father with nothing to note about him. Yet, he was so beloved by God that he was tasked with the important role he had. Far more important than being a king, a pope, or even a great theologian. May we strive after St. Joseph and try to model ourselves after Him.

The Oratory originally had asked to be established on March 25, for the Annunciation. However, the Holy See chose March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph, for the establishment. We are grateful to have such a powerful intercessor and protector watching so closely over the Oratory. Be sure, in the course of the month, to ask St. Joseph to continue to bless the Oratory and protect it as he so faithfully protected the Holy Family and continues to protect the Church!

As we are now in Lent, be sure to remain strong and faithful to your penances. We must fast from the goods of the earth so that we can keep proper perspective and remind ourselves that our journey is not for the sensible delights of the world but rather to get to Heaven. We must seek to purify ourselves of our attachments and vices because God demands purity and virtue from us. There are many vices and sins, some that we often forget and overlook. So honestly, examine your conscience to find them. We can’t possibly be cured if we do not know where we are sick.

Have a blessed month ahead!