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Phase I is complete! Thank you. Please donate to Phase II. You are helping build the Cincinnati Oratory!

Phase I is complete! Thank you. Please donate to Phase II. You are helping build the Cincinnati Oratory!




When St. Philip founded the Congregation of the Oratory, he incorporated various aspects of different religious orders. A native of Florence, he was extremely influenced by the Dominicans and their mission of preaching. Having lived with an uncle near the Benedictine Monastery Monte Cassino, we see his love of permanence of location (stability) and contemplation. And being a contemporary of St. Ignatius and living in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation, we see his zeal for liturgy, evangelization, beauty, and teaching. The Community has every intention of implementing these influences in what will be the Cincinnati Oratory by establishing our own Pious House and Apostolic Center.

In order to aid in the idea of stability and contemplation, having a Pious House is extraordinarily important. Owning the piece of property that one lives in not only brings peace of mind, but is also an essential aspect in the foundation of an Oratory. This guarantees that the Community will not be transient or forced to move around. It brings stability. It is important for the Oratorian to feel at home in his home, his Pious House. Saint Philip called his room his nido, his nest. It is the place where Oratorians are able to strengthen their faith and knowledge of God, and then, being renewed, go out into the world. Each room in our Pious House will be equipped with a bedroom, a private bathroom, and a study. This configuration will aid the future Oratorian in his relationship with his brother Oratorians, and most importantly, in his relationship with God. The Pious House is the place where the Community can grow together as a family, drawing close to God and receiving the strength and support needed to go out and evangelize the world. At the center of the Pious House will be the Community’s Oratory Chapel, where the Community will gather for prayer.

It is equally important, however, that the Oratorians engage the world. Through their example as a family, bonded only by charity, they provide an example to a society in which the family is attacked. The Apostolic Center and Old St. Mary’s Church will become the center of activity for the Community to engage the world. The center and the parish will be the places in which the Community prays with, sanctifies, and teaches the world. The Apostolic Center itself is vital for the Community’s outreach. When the Community grows, a priest can always be on duty for the faithful to approach him for the Sacrament of Penance, Spiritual Direction, and other matters related to the world of faith. This center will provide offices, classrooms, a large library, and offer a place for us to engage the world and for the world to engage us. The Community will also have to go out into the Community and invite others in, not being confined to the idea that we have to wait for people to come to us, an idea that Pope Francis has said the Church must embrace in order to shepherd the people of the 21st Century. The Apostolic Center will be the basis for our apostolic activity and this shepherding.

Having completed the purchase of these buildings, and finished the renovation of the Pious House, the work to complete the Community Chapel and 24/7 Confessional begins. We have already been granted permits, we just wait to complete the funding. Over this next year we need to raise $220,000 total to fund the general fund and complete chapel. Follow ‘Community News‘ or our Facebook Page for more picture and progress.  Please pray for us…

Donate to Phase IIPhase I is COMPLETE! Thank You! Thank you for your generosity!



Pictures  of the Pious House (updated December 8, 2016)

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