Father’s Column 10/11

Posted on October 11, 2015 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus!
Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Praised be Jesus Christ!

A warm welcome to all those present today for our annual Kirchweih Mass. Thank you to the Donauschwaben Society for sponsoring this Mass! Wilkommen!

The month of October has sure been a busy month. Between our Catholic Inquiry Classes, Adult Catechesis, Children’s Catechesis, and all of the Masses and devotions, we have hopefully been giving honor and glory to God.

While I failed to mention this in the bulletin, a good number of parishioners were present this past Friday to celebrate the Feast of Bl. John Henry Newman. Cardinal Newman, as he is better known, is the namesake for Newman Centers on our colleges campuses. A little less known fact about him is that he is the Father of the Congregation of the Oratory in the English speaking world. After he converted to the Faith, he went to Rome to study to be ordained a priest. Known for his deep intellect, it was presumed he would become a Jesuit. However, he choose the less known Congregation of the Oratory as his vocation.

Bl. John Newman was attracted to the manner of life that St. Philip Neri promoted. This is a life of simplicity but also a life of deep richness because of the Community that finds itself forming all of the different Oratories throughout the world. Bl. John was the founder of the Oratory in Birmingham and also assisted with the foundation of the more well-known Brompton Oratory (London). Both are magnificent buildings, much like our own Old St. Mary’s, which helped spur many back to the faith in England.

The Community is lucky enough to have one of the very few First Class Relics of Bl. John Henry Newman: a small piece of hair that was preserved following his death. During this time of his feast day, may we ask for his intercession upon our own Community-in-Formation here at Old St. Mary’s. May we ask him to assist in the formation of the Oratory here, just as he worked so hard to establish it in England. Through his intercession, may the good work that has been begun here be brough to conclusion.

Have a Blessed Week ahead!