If you feel called to follow the life of St. Philip, the first step in that process is to get in contact with the Community. From there you will be invited to make several visits with the Community lasting different lengths of time. The first being the shortest, lasting a few days.  During this visit, one should come with a plan for hard prayer, study, and discernment.  From there, one makes a 30 day visit, where they live the life as if they were a member, following all of the activities and duties of a member, in so far as possible.  If anyone discerns that the Oratorian Life is a possibility for you, you will be able to apply to the community and enter a three year Novitiate. The first year of Novitiate is studying and living the life of Saint Philip.  The second two years will be studies, dependent on whether you will study to be a priest or be a lay brother. Following the three year Novitiate, and after much prayer and discernment, one becomes a Triennial Member.

For our particular Community, being a new foundation, we are looking for members who want to help build the Community into something strong and holy, following the life of St. Philip in our own particular place and circumstances.  There is a lot of hard work to do.  So we are looking for holy and motivated individuals.  The General Statutes of the Oratory place an age limit at 35, and we do follow as closely as possible all of the Statutes of the Congregation.  But anyone, if you feel you have a genuine vocation, is invited to get in contact with us.  Everyone is taken on a case by case basis.

If you would like more information about joining the the Cincinnati Oratory, contact Fr. Adrian:

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