Father’s Column 10/8/2017

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

Just a reminder that during October we keep the October Count. Please be sure to attend Mass at Old St. Mary’s each Sunday, bringing a neighbor or friend with you. You are each our greatest ambassadors to draw others to our Parish, so please be good ambassadors!

Please note that this coming Friday, October 13, is the 100th Anniversary of the miracle of the sun at Fatima. To commemorate this event, we will have a special celebration before the 12:10 p.m. Mass. At a 11:00 a.m. a Rosary for Peace will be led. Following the Rosary, we will have a special blessing, crowning, and entrustment of our parish at the Our Lady of Fatima statue. Every family in the parish will have their name placed in a special ex voto (a locket). This ex voto will be placed around the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The Church will remain open until 4:00 p.m. for the faithful to pray before the Fatima statue. A special plenary indulgence is granted to all who pray before a statue of Our Lady of Fatima on October 13. To gain the indulgence, one must pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and invoke Our Lady of Fatima, under the usual conditions for a Plenary Indulgence.  Please joins us for this special event!

Beginning today, I ask everyone to please sign up for a Holy Hour during our Annual Forty Hours from October 26-29. You may do so near the side door of church. There is a large sign that indicates all of the hours that the Church will be open for Adoration. We will open with Solemn Mass (Latin Novus Ordo) on Thursday, October 26, at 7:00 p.m. We will close on Sunday, October 29 with Solemn Vespers at 3:30 p.m. and our Solemn Closing at 4:15 p.m. We need two Adorers for each hour, so please sign up for an hour or two. Please mark your calendars now!

This is just a reminder that this Friday is the last day to take advantage of our reduced prices for the Oratory Annual Fundraising Banquet. After Friday, October 13, the price will increase to $75 per person. Please get your reservations in! We have a great presenter this year, in the person of Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, O.P. The Archbishop is traveling all the way from Rome to be with us. Make the short journey to The Phoenix to hear him speak! The Oratory has expenses like every household. The Archdiocese, Old St. Mary’s, nor Sacred Heart contribute to these expenses beyond the general salaries the priests make from their work. We are also responsible for the expenses of our seminarians, which is about $30,000 per seminarian per year. So please come out in support of your priests and help us provide for the spiritual needs of Old St. Mar’s for generations to come!

Lastly, a note about Catechism. If you have not yet enrolled your child in Catechism, please do so soon. The last day for registrations will be Tuesday, October 17. With the exception of someone new to the area or parish, we won’t accept other registrations. If your child will be receiving a Sacrament this year, either First Holy Communion or Confirmation, they must be enrolled in Catechism. Baptismal Certificates are due into the office by the First Sunday of Advent. If there is some extraordinary reason as to why a child can’t be in Catechism (ie. some other formal Catechism, preferably under the direction of a priest), please contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss the matter. I must be approached about this by the end of October. If your child is not in Catechism, I have not been approached, or we do not have a Baptismal Certificate, your child will receive the Sacraments at a later date.

I wish you all a blessed week ahead!