Father’s Column 11/5/2017

Posted on November 5, 2017 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

Last week we had something rather exciting happen at Old St. Mary’s, as a police chase that began in South Gate concluded in our little back garden. The southern portion of the wall and gate were destroyed, but will be able to be easily rebuilt. We hope to complete this work sometime soon, but certainly keep in your prayers the driver and his passenger. This event could have been much more tragic beyond knocking down a few bricks.

Last weekend saw the conclusion of our Annual Forty Hours. Thank you to everyone who took a Holy Hour. If you don’t currently have a regular Holy Hour, perhaps you could consider one? There is much to pray for, and the Lord desires the time with you to mould you into a saint. Perhaps you would consider adopting a regular Holy Hour on either Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or First Friday. Also Adoration Group is always looking for regular Adorers on the other Fridays. We need to guarantee at least two per hour; but we will take as many as would like to sign up! Please visit: http://adoration.oldstmarys.org/!

Just a reminder about our parish pilgrimage which begins tomorrow. From November 6-16, myself and 37 other pilgrims will be in Italy in the footsteps of St. Philip Neri. Please be sure to pray for us as we are on this Pilgrimage, and please know that we will take the intentions of our Parish with us to each Basilica, Shrine, and Church we visit. We will have a full update when we return!

Lastly, this upcoming week we celebrate the feast of one of our Oratorian Blesseds, Bl. Salvio Huix Miralpeix. Please find this brief biography about him below. Have a blessed week ahead!



“Born to a pious and fairly wealthy family. Known for his hard work as a student and seminarian, and for his problems controlling his temper. Ordained on 19 September 1903 in the diocese of Vic, Spain. Rural parish priest for several years. Joined the Oratorians in Vich 1907, and ministered to the people of that city. He started a confraternity for married men under the patronage of Saint Joseph to revitalize the spiritual and parish life of working men who routinely fell away from an active faith life. Taught theology at the local seminary. Apostolic administrator of Ibiza, Spain, an impoverished diocese that had been without a bishop for 69 years, and titular bishop of Selymbria on 16 February 1928.

When the anti-Catholic republic assumed power in Spain in 1931 and began issuing laws shutting down the Church and secularizing all things, Bishop Salvio continued his work, and encouraged his flock not to abandon the faith in the face of yet another persecution which would pass as all others had done. Bishop of Lleida, Spain on 28 January 1935, a see he held when the Spanish Civil War broke out and the anti-Christian persecutions erupted in open massacres and martyrdoms. Arrested with a group of other Christians, Bishop Salvio spent his time in jail, including the ride to the cemetery where they were to be executed, ministering to his fellow prisoners. He was forced to dig his own grave, and was offered freedom if he would renounce Christianity; he declined but asked to be the last to die so he could pray for and bless each of the other victims as they died. One of the milita men objected and shot up Bishop Salvio’s right arm to stop his blessings; he continued with his left.” – https://catholicsaints.info/blessed-salvi-huix-miralpeix/