Father’s Column 3/15

Posted on March 15, 2015 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus!
Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Praised be Jesus Christ!

You may have noticed that our new parking signs are being put up in the 13th and Main parking lot. They turned out nice! These signs are meant to alleviate some parking issues that I know are a problem in Over-the-Rhine. My hope is that this makes it easier for those attending Daily Mass or Adoration to find a parking space. Eventually, parking behind the Church will be an easier op- tion as we install new locks that will have the ability to accept codes and also lock/unlock at set times. I hope this happens sometime this Spring. This will give easy access to the side door of the Church. My goal is to make parking easier for everyone.

I know that parking can be difficult around the Church, so I do thank everyone who makes the effort to be with us every week. I also know the reputation that Over-the- Rhine still has around Cincinnati as being an unsafe neighbor- hood. Over-the-Rhine has come a long way from the riots in 2001 and many positive things are happening here. However, being smart and making prudent decisions remain important. On Friday and Saturday evenings James is here on duty assist- ing in parking. I will continue to monitor the safety issue, but I also remain confident that the Over-the-Rhine of today is far different from the Over-the-Rhine of the recent past. I ask that you walk around Over-the-Rhine sometime to see the positive things happening and the place that the Church needs to have in this renaissance to keep the Faith vital here. As I quoted St. Teresa last week, we are the hands and feet of Jesus.

I do thank everyone for their continued patience with me. It is an unfortunate reality that after Fr. Al passed away that the pastors lived at Immaculata and did not have a lot to do with Old St. Mary’s. So many wonderful peo- ple stepped up and filled in various roles that were needed to keep Old St. Mary’s the great parish that it is. It is al- ways an adjustment when a power vacuum occurs and then is later filled. This has been a challenge for me as I continue to find my way in this role. So while this is a challenge for me, I also seek to continue to challenge the parish to en- sure that we continue to grow in virtue and holiness. In the spiritual life, and consequently in the parish, remaining the same is the equivalent of decline. Change is not so much a reflection on the past, or the judgement that anything was wrong before, as much as it is a challenge to grow for the future. So the challenge for both is good because it forces us to continually grow and place our trust only in the Lord. We should never become complacent. Please be assured of my daily prayers for you, and please pray daily for me.