Father’s Column 5/1

Posted on May 2, 2016 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus!
Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Praised be Jesus Christ!

During this season of First Communions, it becomes important for us to reflect upon the Holy Eucharist. The children from Sacred Heart made their First Communion on April 3 and the children from Old St. Mary’s made their First Communion today. Here are excerpts from a Sermon by St. John Vianney on the occasion of his parish’s First Communion one year. This is important for each of us to meditate upon, so as to remember what a gift we have received from the Lord, as a true help and food for our journey here on earth. Have a blessed week ahead!


“In a few moments, dear children, you will perform the most holy act there is possible upon earth, for then you will receive Jesus, the Son of God, with His divinity and humanity. The act is so great, so beautiful, and above all so holy, that if it were possible the angels of God would gladly change places with you today… I rejoice with you today, and wish you every happiness. I have every reason to rejoice, for I cherish the conviction that you will prepare a joyful reception for the Son of God in your souls. You are pure, I hope, and when the Savior comes He will find a believing, a repentant and humble, a pious heart, a heart in which you will have kindled the fire of holy charity…

The Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is a memorial of God’s infinite love towards us. To understand this we must consider what Jesus does and will do for us in this Mystery. He is really and truly present in the same with His divinity and humanity; He is present there.

What does He expect in return from Men? Do we acknowledge His love and reward it with gratitude? We should think so; but it is not so in fact. Here, where He manifests the greatest love, here He receives the greatest abuse, the blackest ingratitude. Just consider the behavior which men show toward Him, how they dishonor and abuse Him.

The Son of God dwells in the tabernacle, to be near us in all our necessitates, to be the helper of all the oppressed. But what do men do? Instead of being grateful to Him, they begin to get bolder, and to grieve Him by their sins.

Today you receive for the first time the pledge of this love, and, as I hope and trust, worthily and with consolation for your soul. After this day you will often come to the table of the Lord, so I hope and pray: receive this Holy Sacrament always as you do today.” – St. John Vianney