Father’s Column 8/16

Posted on August 16, 2015 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! Praised be Jesus Christ!

These past few weeks we have been watching in horror and disgust as video after video is made public demonstrating the gruesome nature of the abortion industry. While some may accuse those who made the videos of deception, this is a distraction from the real issue at hand. This isn’t a matter of deception, this isn’t even really a woman’s health issue, this is an issue of life. This is an issue of how we view ourselves and humanity.

Abortion has been a scourge on humanity for centuries. Already in the Didache, a book that recorded the early activities of the Church, we see the early Church condemning abortion and infanticide. Of course the Church desires to see healthy women, to claim otherwise is a complete distraction from the issue. The issue is and always has been the fact that every human being has been created in the image and the likeness of God. Our dignity does not come from how intelligent we are, how rich we are, how beautiful we are, or what color our skin is, but instead comes from having been created in God’s image and likeness.

For this reason, the Church has always vigorously defended the dignity of human life. For so long abortion has remained simply part of the intellectual culture wars, remaining in the realm of agruments. For so long abortion was just something someone else did, and it was far out of sight and mind. What these videos have done, regardless of if Planned Parenthood is or isn’t selling the body parts of aborted babies, is put what happens in the abortion industry squarely before us.

I urge each of you to pray daily for an end to abortion. Not only in the passing of laws that respect the dignity of each and every human life, but also that we change how we view human life. What an ideal world we would have if the thought of ending a child’s life never even crossed our human minds. What an ideal if we didn’t see the gift of life as a burden. What would society be like if we saw the face of God in each person? We have a long way to go.

May we begin by reflecting on this gift that God has given to us. Why did God create us in the first place? He created us so that we can know, love, and serve Him in this life, so that we can may be with Him forever in Heaven. May our prayer be that each and every person, from tiniest child to the wiset elder amoung us, have the opportunity to experience God here on this earth in preperation of spending eternity with Him in Heaven. May God Bless you in the coming week!