Father’s Column – April 28, 2019

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ! 

I would like to thank again all those who had any part in assisting us during Holy Week. Your help was indispensable! There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything is prepared for the Triduum and Easter, so thank you very much. Please say a prayer for all those who helped in any way!

Also, please be sure to pray for our First Communicants and those young people up for Confirmation over this next week. Sacred Heart First Communion is today. Confirmation for some of our young people from both parishes will be this Wednesday at Old St. Mary’s with Bishop Slattery, everyone is welcome to attend. First Communion will be next week at Old St. Mary’s. Please be sure to remember the Flying Pig Marathon and look for a map of the street closures in advance. 

This upcoming week will also be our final session for our Adult Catechism series. The last children’s session will be on May 7. Thank you to all who participate, helped, and to our catechists. 

I would also like to thank John Schauble and the Latin Mass Schola at Sacred Heart for their work to put on our meditation concert today. Please also remember that Divine Mercy Devotions will be later this afternoon at Old St. Mary’s. Please see the Catechism Section for information about the indulgence. 

For your meditation this week, please find this passage from St. Gregory the Great. Remember that Easter spans an entire season until Pentecost. Have a blessed week ahead!

“When we hear this passage of the Gospel read, a question straightway knocketh at the door of our mind. How was it that the Body of the Risen Lord was a real Body, if It was able to pass through closed doors into the assembly of His disciples? But we ought to know that the works of God are no more wonderful when they can be understood by man’s reason, and faith has lost her worth when her subject-matter is the subject-matter of human demonstration. Nevertheless, those very works of our Redeemer which are in themselves impossible to be understood, must be thought over in connection with other of His works, that we may be led to believe in things wonderful, by mean of things more wonderful still. That Body of the Lord, Which came into the assembly of the disciples through closed doors, was the Same, Which at Its birth, had become manifest to the eyes of men by passing out of the cloister of the Virgin’s womb without breaking the seal thereof. What wonder is it if that Body Which had come out of the Virgin’s womb, without opening the matrix, albeit It was then on Its way to die, now that It was risen again from the dead and instinct for ever with undying life, what wonder is it, I say, if that Body passed through closed doors?” – St. Gregory the Great