Father’s Column – December 13, 2020

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today is Gaudete Sunday on the Liturgical Calendar. This Third Sunday of Advent is given to us a respite, as organ, relics, and flowers are generally not permitted during the Advent Season. The Church, recognizing that the Liturgical we can grow fatigued from the lack of the joyful characteristics in the Liturgy, gives these things back to us for one day until Christmas. It is very similar to our spiritual journeys, often filled with penance, suffering, and the cross. However, now and then, God gives us a consolation to remind us of the joy that is to come but only completely in the Kingdom of Heaven.

During Advent, on days that are otherwise not Feasts, you may have noticed at the Latin Mass that the Ite, Missa Est has been replaced with the Benedicamus Domino, with the priest facing the Tabernacle. The Ite is only done in Masses when the Gloria is said or sung and is meant to take on another of the Liturgy’s joyful aspects. The Benedicamus Domino is generally, but not exclusively, during penitential times. This is just another example of the Liturgy’s more celebratory elements being stripped away to remind us that we are not in Heaven yet and that the cross is very much part of our lives as Catholics.

Please note that this upcoming Wednesday, we will have our annual Musical Oratory of Advent. I certainly encourage you to attend. While similar to Lessons and Carols, our Musical Oratory takes on more of the anticipatory and preparatory themes of Advent rather than a celebration of Christmas itself. Coming just before the beginning of the Church’s great O Antiphons, this becomes an excellent way to focus these final days of Advent on preparation to welcome the Lord again at Bethlehem, to ourselves in the present, and to prepare for His return again in glory.

Please note that on December 19, we will be decorating Sacred Heart, and on December 22, we will be decorating Old St. Mary’s. Please see the announcements in the bulletin for more details. Please come out to help if possible! As a result of decorating on December 22, there will be no Evening Adoration. On December 15, both Fr. Adrian and I will be hearing confession for you to make your Christmas confessions. This will be a good opportunity for you to take advantage of this, as we are often short on time before Mass to get through all the confessions.

These past few months at Old St. Mary’s, we have had the opportunity to hear Bro. Brent and Bro. Henry preach. This practicum was part of their homiletic class that they were taking as Deacons in preparation for ordination. We will continue to hear from them over these next few months, but I wanted to thank all those who helped them with evaluations and submitted comments for them. Thank you!

I am also placing in the bulletin today the First Notice of the “Call to Orders” for Bro. Brent and Bro. Henry. If anyone is aware of any reason as to why they should not be promoted to the priesthood, you are asked to contact me as soon as possible.

Finally, please also be sure to check the bulletin today for the Christmas schedule. Please be sure to be preparing well, and try to get to confession before Christmas if you haven’t already done so. Have a blessed week ahead!