Father’s Column – December 16, 2018

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ! 

A quick note, but I am happy to announce that Sacred Heart has a new maintenance employee. Maury DuPont, a long time parishioner of Sacred Heart, will be retiring from the University of Cincinnati in the next few days and will start here at Sacred Heart after Christmas. Welcome to the parish staff, Maury!

A few things were recently brought to my attention that I wish to address. Some numbers are being passed around that are believed to be my cell phone number. Please do not use these to call in an emergency. Just because I may call from a number does not mean that it is my number. I also recently had some issues with the cellular provider and have a new phone number. If you need a priest for an emergency, please call the parish and listen for the emergency option. This is the most efficient means to call for a priest. Please do not e-mail, do not text, do not call random numbers. We have a system in place, and that is to call either parish number and choose the emergency option. If someone does not answer, leave a detailed message, and someone will call you back as soon as possible. Also, if someone is in need of Last Rites or the Anointing of the Sick, please do not wait until the final moments to call. 

Secondly, I was recently asked if confession could be more widely available on Sundays. While I would love to do so, at this time, it is not possible with the number of Masses and confession times already offered on Sunday. I realize that there are some who drive far distances or can only make it to Church on Sundays. For the sake of those people, I am asking those who can go during the week to do so. Allowing those who only have Sunday as their opportunity for confession to be able to use that. We do offer confession between both Churches every day, with extended opportunities on Tuesday evening at Old St. Mary’s and Saturday mornings at Sacred Heart. So if you can take advantage of these opportunities, please do so.

I also ask that if you need to go to confession, not to arrive a few minutes before Mass and hope to have that possibility. Most likely that will not happen. The priest has to leave the confessional about ten minutes or so before Mass time to ensure everything is set up and to make his preparation to offer Mass. Once we have a few more priests, I am hoping to make confession even more widely available. As the Oratory grows, we will have a confessional right next to the house that will be open most, if not all, of that day. In the meantime, we do offer confession every day at various times. Please avail yourself of these opportunities.

Finally, please be sure to check the Christmas schedule and plan your Mass times now. Do well to prepare for the Nativity of the Lord in these final days of Advent. Christ has already come to us in history, He continues to come to us every day, and He will come again in glory at a time we do not know. May we be prepared! Have a blessed week!