Father’s Column – July 8, 2018

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today is the final day to get in your reservations for the parish picnic, held next Sunday at the Kolping Center. Please sign up in the back of church today, and also sign up to bring a side dish to share! The picnic will begin at 3:00 p.m. Please note that it is being held at the Kolping Center this year, and NOT at the Donauschwaben Club. The Kolping Center is located at: 10235 W Mill Rd. / Cincinnati, OH 45231. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Please pray for good weather!

As you have heard by now, Justice Anthony Kennedy has decided to retire from the Supreme Court. This has been an opportunity that those who have been promoting the dignity of human life has been hoping. Justice Kennedy provided the pivotal vote in the 1992 case ‘Planned Parenthood vs. Casey.’ In the 5-4 decision in 1992, Roe vs. Wade was narrowly upheld.
The United States has some of the most extreme abortion laws in the world, with abortion being effectively legal at all moments of pregnancy until birth. Even as disappointed as we were in the vote in Ireland a few weeks ago, they are proposing to limit abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation. This is the general practice throughout Europe. Canada is the only other nation with virtually no law limiting in any access to abortion.

Many strides have been made over the course of the past few decades since 1973. The population of the United States, even as they have become more progressive on other social topics, have seen progress in the number of people who identify as pro-life. The number of young people who show up year in and year out at the March for Life is impressive.

I am asking each of you to pray and to fast over these next few weeks, as we await the nomination from President Trump. In our system of government, the person who succeeds Justice Kennedy will have a lasting effect on the governance of our nation. So our prayers, penance, and fasting are essential to helping to ensure that every life is held as sacred and that the Church continues to have the freedom and the liberty to do her mission.

Of course, protecting the dignity of the unborn is one of the most important causes of our generation. In no other time in history have we seen the unborn so threatened. In what nature tells us should be a safe place for a child, inside its mother’s womb, has become far from a safe place. Abortion has become the sacrament of modern society, for unbridled sexual excess without consequences.

Abortion is, however, often also chosen for sadder situations. Such as the inability, or the perceived inability, to care for a child. In addition to working to bring an end to abortion, we must also petition our lawmakers to make society a place that values and cares for all children. That enables and supports families in the rearing and bearing of children. The promotion of life is a lifelong struggle. May we do well to protect the most vulnerable, while also working to make life fairer for all! Have a blessed week ahead!