Father’s Column – June 2022

Posted on June 1, 2022 View all news

On Sunday, June 5, we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost. This feast has brought to a quick close our celebration of Easter. Pentecost is the most important feast of the liturgical calendar after Easter. It is the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and the day on which the Church was founded. May we rejoice on this great day and give thanks to God for all the good He has bestowed upon us, especially in giving to us the Paraclete and the Church!

After Masses on Pentecost Sunday, we will chant the great hymn of the Church, Veni Creator. On Pentecost, like on New Year’s Day, the Church gives a plenary indulgence to those who participate in any church. This comes under those usual conditions of receiving Holy Communion, Sacramental Confession within 20 days, prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions, and complete detachment from all sin. So please be sure to avail yourself of this gift. Remember, an indulgence assists in making up for all those consequences of sin. We do this either in this life by our good works, penances, and indulgences or in the life to come in Purgatory. That choice is up to us, but we will not escape all the consequences of our actions and choices!

June will be a busy month between Pentecost, Corpus Christi, and celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We also have the parish picnic at the end of the month, on June 26. So please be sure to stay up to date on everything coming up. Sign up also for the picnic! This year, the Feast of St. John the Baptist gets replaced because the Sacred Heart takes precedence. St. John the Baptist, this year, is truly doing what he preached, decreasing while allowing Christ to increase. We will still do the usual celebration with the fire, but over at Sacred Heart following their parish Feast Day Mass.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who have supported me in the priesthood and in the work to found the Oratory over these past ten years. I am undoubtedly undeserving of your kindness. It is hard to fathom how quickly time has gone. Thank you to those who planned the social, for the prayers, the cards, and gifts given to me. It is all genuinely humbling. Please know that you are all in my prayers each day, that I remain committed to the work that has been begun here, and I ask each of you to continue to pray for me.

Have a blessed month ahead!