Father’s Column October 2022

Posted on October 2, 2022 View all news

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus! Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

In the newsletter this month, please find our annual financial report. As part of the state of the parish, I always begin with the Sacraments. This past year, we have had twenty-five infant baptisms and six adult baptisms at Old St. Mary. At Sacred Heart, we have had fifteen infant baptisms. Old St. Mary saw eighteen children and nineteen adults make their First Communion. Sacred Heart saw fourteen children make their First Communion. Between both parishes, we confirmed forty-six this past year. Old St. Mary also had eight parishioner weddings, and Sacred Heart had two. Sadly, Old St. Mary lost ten parishioners, and Sacred Heart lost four. Please be sure to pray for the repose of the souls of Nancy Corbett, Nora Cuntz, Margarita Ertle, Paul Sharpshair, Perry Suddeth, Jane George, Bob George, Karl Fry, Erna Vosseberg, Helen Henz, Gene Cameron, Ron Panioto, and Matthew Heyob. We also lost little Mary Jane Hammonds just a few short hours after her birth, but she was fortified with the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, and we rest assured that she is interceding for us in Heaven!

From a practical point of view, the state of both parishes is strong. Financially we are doing well, and both parishes stayed in the black. Sacred Heart appears not to have done that, but the excess in expenses came from repairing the air conditioning, stained glass, and ongoing issues with the roof. I remain confident in your continued generosity, even amidst our difficult economic conditions. If you can increase your offering, even by a modest amount, it would be much appreciated and help us continue to operate a balanced budget. Thank you for all you do for the parishes, the Oratory, and the sisters. Without you and your generosity, none of this would exist.

I have spoken about for several years the need to make more improvements to the physical structures of our buildings. At Old St. Mary, this includes, over the coming years, painting of the church, refinishing the pews, and turning the Clay Street building into a parish hall & office. At Sacred Heart, the bells are in desperate need of repair, and the sanctuary flooring needs to be replaced. I would also like to replenish the funds we used from the savings to make the needed repairs this past year to the HVAC and stained glass windows. More details on these projects will be forthcoming, but please be generous when the time comes so we can continue to hand on the gems we inherited to future generations.

Lastly, please be sure to always pray for the parishes, the parishioners, the sisters, and the priests. Without prayer, we would be lost. Thank you again for all you do and for making these great parishes. And for yourselves, always ensure you remain close to the Church by your prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and reception of the Sacraments. God bless!