Father’s Column – October 4, 2020

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ!

I am excited to announce that in addition to resuming our conversion classes this coming Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in Fr. Felten Hall, we will resume Adult Catechism this Tuesday as well. The classes will not be in person, but we will upload videos to our webpage each Tuesday around noon. Bro. Brent will be conducting the classes, and the topics through October will be about the Church’s social teaching, in the lead up to the November election. His first topic is “Overview and Four Pillars of Catholic Social Doctrine.” If you have any questions, please submit these to Bro. Brent (bstull@cincinnatioratory.com) by Thursday at noon. He will address any questions he receives at the end of his videos.

Following the election, we will have classes on the Latin Mass to help people better attend and understand what is going on. Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, even as it isn’t in person, to grow in deeper knowledge of the Faith!

Please be sure to join us for a Solemn Mass this coming Friday at 6:30 p.m. for the Feast of St. John Henry Newman. This will be the first time we can celebrate his Feast as a Saint. St. John Henry Newman founded the first English speaking Oratory in the world after converting to the Faith. Pope Francis canonized him last October.

Lastly, for those at Old St. Mary’s, don’t forget that if you have trouble parking at Sunday Mass or at one of our special Masses, please see James for a pass to park in the Salvation Army parking lots. We have access to these lots, with a pass, on Sundays, and other days that we work out with them. So please take advantage of this! There is plenty of parking and no need to keep searching for a spot!

To help us better celebrate this Feast, please find this short biography of St. John Henry Newman. Have a blessed week ahead!

“On October 8th, 1845, Fr Dominic Barberi, an Italian Passionist priest who was in England as a missionary, arrived at Littlemore in the pouring rain. By this point, many of those who lived there had already converted, and Newman had now resolved to do the same. While the guest dried himself by the fire, he suddenly found one of the greatest minds in the established church kneeling at his feet and asking to be received into the Church of Christ. Newman’s confession went on so late into the night that Fr Dominic insisted that they go to bed and resume it in the morning. When it was completed, John Henry Newman was at last baptized conditionally and received into what he now professed to be ‘the one fold of the Redeemer’. This had huge personal consequences. By converting, Newman lost most of his friends from the Church of England, and he was ostracised even by members of his family. He lost in an instant the standing he had built up as a fellow at Oxford. He would later describe how the trials of this period moved him more completely to surrender his life to God.” – read more: https://www.birminghamoratory.org.uk/biography/