Father’s Column – September 1, 2019

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Laudetur Jesus Christus! Gelobt sei Jesus Christus!
Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! Praised be Jesus Christ! 

A reminder that tomorrow is Labor Day. We have a special Mass schedule at Old St. Mary’s. Please read the rest of the bulletin for the schedule!

Labor is an important aspect of how we function as a society. Pope Leo XIII devoted an entire encyclical to the idea of labor. Something not lost on his successors; Pope Pius XI and Pope John Paul II did the same. It is often a hijacked tool these days, as a means to push and press for socialism or communism. We must always remember the significant words of Pope Leo XIII in 1891. He said: “The great mistake made in regard to the matter now under consideration is to take up with the notion that class is naturally hostile to class, and that the wealthy and the working men are intended by nature to live in mutual conflict. So irrational and so false is this view that the direct contrary is the truth. Just as the symmetry of the human frame is the result of the suitable arrangement of the different parts of the body, so in a State is it ordained by nature that these two classes should dwell in harmony and agreement, so as to maintain the balance of the body politic. Each needs the other: capital cannot do without labor, nor labor without capital. Mutual agreement results in the beauty of good order, while perpetual conflict necessarily produces confusion and savage barbarity.”

While always striving to work for justice, may we not give in to the modern idea that there must always be class warfare. This only leads to the brutality of the French Revolution, the October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution. There is no class or people who are natural enemies of the other. May we take pride in our work, striving to offer our best efforts first and foremost to God while striving not to become greedy or jealous. All we have is ultimately in the stewardship of God. May we strive to act in accordance with that truth.

Please find the final installment of Cardinal Newman on the dangers of liberalism in religion. Have a blessed week ahead!

“Such is the state of things in England, and it is well that it should be realized by all of us; but it must not be supposed for a moment that I am afraid of it. I lament it deeply, because I foresee that it may be the ruin of many souls; but I have no fear at all that it really can do aught of serious harm to the Word of God, to Holy Church, to our Almighty King, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Faithful and True, or to His Vicar on earth. Christianity has been too often in what seemed deadly peril, that we should fear for it any new trial now. So far is certain; on the other hand, what is uncertain, and in these great contests commonly is uncertain, and what is commonly a great surprise, when it is witnessed, is the particular mode by which, in the event, Providence rescues and saves His elect inheritance. Sometimes our enemy is turned into a friend; sometimes he is despoiled of {70} that special virulence of evil which was so threatening; sometimes he falls to pieces of himself; sometimes he does just so much as is beneficial, and then is removed. Commonly the Church has nothing more to do than to go on in her own proper duties, in confidence and peace; to stand still and to see the salvation of God.” – Bl. John Henry Newman