Recommended Roman Missals

Posted on December 7, 2015 View all news

Some have inquired with the office for recommended Roman Missals. I recommend that everyone have their own hand missal, as these also contain prayers every Catholic should know, preparations and thanksgivings for Mass, along with the other Sacraments, Examination of Conscience, etc. Any of these following hand missals would be recommended for use at Mass:

Midwest Theological Forum (Includes standard and large print, different colors, leather vs. hardcover. The Order of Mass is in English and Latin.)

Magnificat Subscription (Monthly paperback missals mailed to you.)

Catholic Truth Society Sunday Hand Missal (They have a corresponding Daily Missal as well for weekdays. Order of Mass is in English and Latin. This is from England and the calendar may be slightly different.)

Inexpensive St. Joseph Yearly Missal

For the Extraordinary Form:

Baronius Press